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Founded in the early 1970’s, Westcombe Engineering is an established engineering business that delivers precision engineered components along with a highly responsive and fully focused service to all its customers.

They pride themselves on being able to offer practical and cost-effective engineering solutions to meet their customer’s needs and they achieve this with a positive ‘can do’ attitude, a common sense approach and most importantly…good old fashioned customer service.

Westcombe Engineering offer a diverse range of engineering solutions including CNC precision milling and CNC turning. They work with a diverse range of materials including aluminium, iron, brass, stainless steels, exotic metals and plastics.

However, they are not just an engineering business….they also employ and train disabled workers that operate CNC machines, and produce most of the products that they sell.  These workers are considered their greatest asset and their contribution to the business has, over the years, been immense.

In continuation of their Capital Investment Programme and full commitment to satisfy their increased growth, their customer’s growth, quality, cost and delivery expectations…Westcombe engineering have recently installed and commissioned a Bridegport XV100 with 4th axis capability, Gildermeister CTX310 4 axis bar fed mill/turn lathe, Hardinge GS 200 MSY 4 axis bar fed mill/turn lathe and a Hwacheon T2 2TYSMC 5 axis mill/turn lathe. 

Westcombe Engineering recently approached Freddy in order to add to their collection! They needed to find a cost effective solution to maintaining and cleaning their CNC was decided that a fully refurbished Superminor would be perfect for the job!

Along with their new machine tools, the Freddy Superminor will give them additional capacity, flexibility to multi task, low to high volume output whilst also complementing their existing portfolio of machining equipment.

Refurbished machines are a fantastic option, they save on costs whilst providing a good as new performance…who ever said that quality and affordability can’t go hand in hand?

So here we have, a cost effective machine for a cost effective company…what could be more perfect!

We would like to thank Westcombe Engineering for such a fantastic opportunity…it really has been a pleasure!

If you would like to find out more about Freddy refurbishment’s…why not give us a call on 01386 561113, send us a tweet @Freddyproducts or send an email to [email protected].


(To the top right you can see the Westcombe engineering team pictured alongside their two newly acquired machines…The Hwacheon T2 2TYSMC 5 axis mill/turn lathe and the Freddy Superminor+100L 3KW 240V 1PH).  

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