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Freddy Vacuum Tramp Oil Skimmer

Tramp oil is probably one of the most common contaminants in metalworking fluids. The term is a catch all for all sources of non-soluble contaminants (usually oil-based) that can come in contact with the metalworking fluid as a function of the process or the equipment. The sources can be one of the following:


Hydraulic fluid

Way lubricant

Slide lubricant

Gear lubricant

Spindle lubricant

Corrosion preventive (from a previous process or carried in on the parts)

Stamping lubricant (from a previous process or carried in on the parts)



Whatever the source, tramp oil is a foreign contaminant that can create the problems such as corrosion and staining, dermatitis, smoking, lubrication issues, or foaming.


It is essential to minimise the oil, ideally to less than 2% of total volume as indicated by the HSE in their MW5 publication.


With the Freddy Vacuum Tramp Oil Skimmer, it is now possible to make any Freddy, no matter the age, into a quick and effective skimming device. No need to wait for hours while the oil coalesces, or the headache of what to do with lots of oil-contaminated paper. Just a faster more ecological way of removing oil.

Connecting to one of the pick-up attachments (you have the choice at the point of order), once the vacuum is switched on it is possible to easily regulate the flow to ensure only oil is collected rather than valuable coolant. Once collected, it is easy to empty out your Freddy into a barrel or IBC for waste.


To find out more, please contact us on 01386 561113 or complete the 'contact us' form and we will get in touch.


The optional attachments can be seen below:

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Freddy Second Filtration Unit

The Freddy Second Filtration Unit can be used with our existing range of coolant and swarf recycling vacuums.

With the Second Filtration unit attached to a Freddy Coolant Recycling vacuum, you are able to double the filtration area.  For those customers that are already passing their coolant through twice to maximise the filtration, it is a handy way to save time too!

With filter bags available from 1 micron to 1000 micron, you are able to pass your coolant and swarf through the second filter unit, through a higher micron filter bag - to say remove the large swarf particles, before it then being passed through a smaller micron filter bag, to remove any  sludge, silt, smaller swarf and other particulates.  This is done in one cycle, so no further time or effort is required! 

If you would like to see how quick and easy it is to fit and use the second filtration unit, please take a look at our "in action" video.

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Freddy CHU

The Freddy Coolant Health Unit (CHU)  was developed in conjunction with Rolls-Royce Central Manufacturing Team and tested at Rolls-Royce Derby supported by the Rolls-Royce fluid management provider Quaker Houghton.

The benefits:
• Avoid using a jet wash - used the filtered coolant to clean the machines
• Extract dirt and debris from ‘dead zones’
• Reduce cleaning time - 2500 litres of coolant can be 100% filtered and returned to a machine within 1 hour
• Reduce coolant changes and prevent waste from coolant changes
• Minimum impact on production - machines with large capacity tanks can continue running
• Hands free operation possible

How it differs from the rest of the Freddy Range:

Can be completely Hands-Free
Automatic fill and empty so no need to stop production
Additional tools (optional) -
• Y shape outlet for connection to standard discharge gun and extended 800mm length discharge gun
• Fishtail nozzle with additional extenders in 1m lengths - so to extend to 3m when required
• Magnetic suction and return nozzles - can be placed in the tank for complete hands-free operation
2nd Filter -
Increases filtration area Enables different levels of filtration with one pass - course filtration through 1st filter, fine filtration through 2nd filter
Controlled use - Ignition key on the motor

In action: After only 4 weeks of deployment over 24,000 litres of coolant waste was avoided - take a look at the below video for more information

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Freddy Max

The Freddy Max is designed to vacuum out, filter and return coolant for re-use.

It has a tilting filter tank, enabling quick and easy emptying of the 60-litre basket, which feeds through to a secondary 37-litre turret.  This filters out further, enabling double the filtration without any added work for the operator or additional space required. Designed to vacuum out the coolant from machine tool sumps, machine beds, drip trays, conveyors and even the shop floor with the dedicated floor tool and recycle it for re-use.


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