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Refurbishment review from Quaker Houghton at the BAE Systems site

I’ve been part of the Fluidcare team at the BAE Systems site in Brough for over 10
years now. During that time one of the most useful tools we use in the control and
management of Metal Working Fluids is the 2 x Freddy vacuum units which are
owned and maintained by BAE Systems. They provide us with the capability to
maintain coolant systems, water tanks and spillages ensuring we can transport the
waste fluids safe and effectively across the site.
Recognising the important role these units play in the day to day running of the
Fluidcare site I approached BAE Systems regarding the possibility of an
update/replacement of the suction pump on one of the units. During the units
next service, I requested a quote to have the vacuum unit replaced and the Freddy
Products engineer Mark Martin mentioned the option to have the unit fully
refurbished. I discussed this option with BAE Systems who agreed it would be
beneficial to have such an important piece of equipment updated and the order
was approved.
The refurbished unit arrived back to site looking like a completely new unit in its
distinctive bright orange livery. Since its return the team couldn’t be happier with
the results from both the improved and updated suction system and the brand
new drive unit. The Freddy units have always been user friendly but the new
traction system makes the movement around the site so much easier for the
I highly recommend to anybody that uses these vacuum units to have this
refurbishment completed by Freddy Products. They arranged for the collection of
the old unit whilst also providing us with a loan one to allow us to continue in our
coolant management. I received regular updates and pictures during the
refurbishment and the improvement can be seen in the pictures below of before
and after.



Although it still performed some of the tasks required, it started to look tired.


The refurbished unit looking as good as a new one and already assisting the Fluidcare technician in daily coolant management.

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