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Working with MTD

Freddy have recently begun a collaboration with MTD who specialise in news, deals and videos about CNC machine tools, tooling, automation, CAD/CAM & metrology from the UK’s most trusted source for precision engineering.

Featured on their swarf and chips programme, we were so impressed with them we decided to give them the exclusive with our new Freddy Micro.  They came to Freddy HQ and interviewed our managing director Simon Hanmer, discussing the Freddy Micro and subsequently created a video for us.  Since then they have interviewed our chairman, who started the company, about the history of the Freddy range, and the benefits of using a Freddy coolant recycling vacuum.

We believe this is the start of a mutually exclusive relationship, and hope that you sign up to both our and MTD’s YouTube channels, for all the up to date news here at Freddy and in the engineering world.

Click here to visit our YouTube channel – where you can find our MTD videos.


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